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When I came up with this whole RCBowling thing, my primary goal was to have a fun event that my club can enjoy for a few years and hopefully not get tired of it. Never in my wildest imagination did I think it would become one of the big events of the year that is added to the calendar automatically and anticipated by the club as much as it is.

After the fourth year or so, a few people outside of our club found out about the event. They contacted me asking about plans availability and I suggested holding off a bit while I explore writing an article for one of the model magazines.

Writing the article is fairly easy. Working with various magazines to find one that will publish it was another problem entirely. One of my favorite magazines in the hobby, that I have subscibed to for nearly 30 years, became accessible to me through flying friends at NEAT Fair. The editor of this magazine reviewed my event photos and pieces of my article proposal. After getting an understanding of what the event is and how it would be presented, he outright said it wouldn't appeal to his readers and he questioned the safety aspects of it. Really? Well the AMA magazine, Model Aviation, was looking at it too. They didn't mention any safety concerns, and they thought it was an interesting idea. That's funny since they are all about safety.

Later, I happened to meet the editor of a newer, younger magazine. I showed him what I was trying to do. He had very positive comments and things seemed to be on the right track to getting my idea published. I later found out that the plans and article become the property of the magazine. They get the rights to sell the plans, etc. Okay, fine, but I wanted more widespread exposure for the event and I wanted the ability to publish it publicly for free download. The copyright laws don't really allow me to do that.

The goal was to get it out there for everyone everywhere to enjoy, not to limit it to the 20 guys that were willing to fork out $20.00 for a set of plans. I needed a better solution. Then I got an idea...

"Open Source RCBowling"

What the heck is that?

I use open-source software at home and work everyday. There's a new movement out there for open source hardware like the Arduino Microcontrollers I've been playing around with. Those folks publish the schematics, code, circuit board patterns, drilling patterns, and construction articles under the same GNU Licensing concepts as the software guys. This is the concept I was looking for. That's when I got the idea for "Open Source RCBowling."

So, here's how it works...

This website will contain all of the knowledge of RCBowling, the plans for building it, the documents for rules and standards, score sheets, revision information, everything! Not just .PDF files either, source files too, in their native format and editable. ALL OF IT WILL BE FREE!

Nobody other then RCBowling.Org, PropellerHead Systems, or PropellerHead Hobbies can sell anything related to RC Bowling. This isn't to say I wish to make a ton of money on this thing. It's quite the opposite and I doubt I'll build my empire on this stuff. I just want to make sure it is represented properly. Realistically, nobody other than me would care about manufacturing products for this silly thing anyway.

What does this mean? Anybody can build and use anything from this website as a DIY project to their heart's delight. They can copy, share, and distribute copies to anyone they care to. Occasionally we may offer prebuilt components or parts kits for sale as a convenience to RCBowling enthusiasts, but nobody other than us can sell plans, kits, or parts. Easy and simple right? :-) Yup!


About The Author


Kevin Schlosser with his RC Bowling alley.

Hi! I'm Kevin Schlosser. Yes, I'm the nutjob that came up with this RCBowling thing.

I'm an aviation addict (full size and models), computer nerd, electronics geek, woodworking and machining hobbyist, and a funny and creative goofball. Because of this, I go by the nickname PropellerHead on the web and in my professional life.

This RC Bowling thing was a crazy idea I came up with in 2003 as a club fun-fly event. It caught on as a traditional annual event in my club The Jersey Coast Sport Fliers and is now developing a following with some new friends I've made on the web.

I've been into radio controlled airplanes since middle school. I really developed my addiction once I had a career and a budget that would be my enabler <grin>. I started out with peanut scale in my single digit and early teen years, and control line models in middle school. I've been very fortunate to be involved in many facets of the hobby as well as having worked for one of the larger hobby importers in the country.

My bulding skills tend to be better than my flying skills lately, and that's okay. I enjoy building as a stress reliever from my Computer Consulting profession. It's "balsa therapy" for me.

For more of my exploits, feel free to check out my personal website at www.propellerhead-online.net.

Happy Landings & Happy RCBowling!


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